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Heat Only Systems

Heat Only Systems

A system that only has heating functionality.



A central heating system that sends hot water through to radiators and faucets, to provide heat and hot water.

Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat heats objects and materials, such as floors and furniture, rather than air. It involves plastic water tubing installed in concrete slab floors or attached to top or bottom of wood floors. Typically heat is distributed by hot water heated in a boiler or hot water heater and can take longer to heat, but it is more consistent.

Benefits of iWave accessories:

Provide comfortable, even heat

Very energy efficient when heated with a boiler


A heating system that circulates heated water through a system of pipes to baseboard heating units to radiate heat into the room. There are two main types of baseboard heaters: convection and hydronic.

  • Convection: is a metal road that has fins that once heated with electricity provides heat throughout the room.
  • Hydronic: is a metal tube filled with liquid that is heated by electricity. This type of heat holds longer, however it does take longer to heat up.

Benefits of a Radiator

Hydronic systems offer excellent energy efficiency and are quiet

Radiators need very little maintenance

Does not dry out air like forced-air heat does

Temperatures are precisely controlled

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