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A backflow is when the public water supply is contaminated as a result of disrupted water pressure. A backflow prevention assembly device is designed to prevent water from flowing backwards and polluting our drinking water.

How Does Potable Water Get to your Home

Water travels from a water treatment center by passing through many connections to a home and building’s main water line moving in one direction. However, changes in pressure could cause water to flow backwards – backflow – which can contaminate the public water supply.

Backflow prevention devices are now required in homes, offices and other public facilities with running water, and all commercial properties under Aqua and various other utility providers.

  • What causes a backflow? Changes in water pressure – water main breaks, frozen pipes or circumstances that compromise plumbing water pressure (i.e. water used for fire fighting)
  • How to avoid a backflow? A backflow prevention device is installed on water pipes that allows water to flow in one direction – into the home/business.

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Benefits of Backflow Prevention

Protect your Health

Stop contaminated water from reaching your drinking and cleaning water.

Protect your Community

Eliminate the risk of pollution from your home to the public water supply.

Live Hassle-Free

Provide us with the paperwork and we will test and submit results directly to your utility company

Types of Backflow Prevention Devices

DC - Double Check device

This prevention device is the simplest and most common backflow device type. There are two check valves in a closed body giving two layers of backflow protection. Every DC is equipped with two 1-pound springs that if a backflow were to occur, this device will hold the valves closed. However, a backflow test is required annually to ensure proper functionality of the springs to keep the valves closed.

DCDA - Double Check Detector Assemblies device

This prevention device is typically used on fire sprinkler systems to prevent backflow and to detect low flow demands up to 2 gpm (gallons per minute) through the bypass piping. It consists of a main line Double Check valve assembly and attached bypass piping that includes a water meter and a bypass Double Check valve assembly.

RPZ - Reduced Pressure Zone device

This prevention device is installed in “high risk” establishments -i.e. locations with irrigation, fire suppression or large boiler systems. It is similar to a DC where it also has two 1-pound spring checks, but also has a third check valve, which has a vent exposed to the atmosphere on the bottom of the valve (kept closed by the water pressure). The reason it is used in high-risk locations is if the first valve malfunctions allowing a backflow to occur, the bottom of the valve will open and drain the contaminated water.

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