Ductless Mini-Split Replaces Noisy Window ACs In West Chester, PA

Joe Battavio
Ductless Mini-Split Replaces Noisy Window ACs In West Chester, PA

Bryan Ductless Mini-Split Replaces Noisy Window AC’s in West Chester, PA

Our homeowners in West Chester PA were tired of using noisy window air conditioners in their second-floor duplex apartment. And, with central air not an option, they finally got the comfort they deserved with a Bryant ductless mini-split.

These state-of-the-art systems quietly deliver air conditioning in virtually any space. Without needing a lot of room for installation, our homeowners found out how easy it was to place everything exactly where they needed it — without giving up lots of space or rearranging anything.

In this case study, we’ll look briefly at the drawbacks of window air conditioners. Then, we’ll see how easy it was for our homeowners to have us install the new system.

Finally, we’ll look at the benefits they’ll enjoy each summer from here on out.

And, if you’re looking for more information, or want to know how a system like this would work in your West Chester, PA home, call or email us here at Battavio Heating & Cooling.

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Bryant Ductless Mini-Split Installation West Chester PAProblem: Homeowners in a West Chester duplex were tired of using noisy air conditioners every summer. They were loud and difficult to store.

Solution: We recommended a Bryant ductless mini-split with two indoor air handlers and a whisper-quiet heat pump mounted high off the ground outside in the narrow space between the houses.

Bryant Ductless Mini-Split Installation West Chester PA

Drawbacks of Window Air Conditioners in a West Chester, PA Duplex

Over the years, our homeowners noticed three main drawbacks for the window air conditioners they used in their West Chester, PA duplex:

  • Too noisy
  • Tough to store
  • Use too much electricity

Here’s what they explained to us here at Battavio:

  • Too Noisy

The main complaint was that they couldn’t hear the TV — or themselves talk sometimes — when the air conditioners were running.

Sure, they kept things cool, sort of anyway. The window units never worked that well. But, the climate control didn’t seem like enough of a trade-off.

  • Tough to Store

The next problem was what to do with these things when the temperature dropped. Leaving the ACs in the windows permanently would let a lot of cold air seep in. Plus, they were clunky and blocked out sunlight.

So, there was always the challenge of taking them out, lugging them around, and making space in closets and storage areas for months at a time.

  • Use Too Much Electricity

For our homeowners, this was the final nail in the coffin: the electric bill in the summer.

So to recap: The AC’s were noisy. They took up too much space. They didn’t even do that great of a job. But, they made the bills skyrocket!

Enough was enough. That’s why our homeowners opted for a ductless system.

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Installing Bryant Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning in a West Chester Duplex

A Bryant ductless mini-split is especially well-suited for a duplex like this one in West Chester, PA. First, our homeowners could get a system perfectly designed for their space. Second, we could make the components fit anywhere.

We’ll look at this job in three parts:

    • Air Handlers in a Duplex
    • Installing the Heat Pump
    • Connecting the Components

Air Handlers in a Duplex

Ductless Mini-Split Replaces Noisy Window ACs In West Chester, PA

All we needed for the second-floor apartment were two air handlers: One in the bedroom and another in the dining room.

The fans and sensors in the dining room unit are sensitive and powerful enough to treat all the common areas.

Unlike traditional AC, the unit can detect hot and cold spots within a room. Then, the fans inside it can direct the treated air exactly where it needs to go.

All they needed after that was a second unit in the children’s bedroom. It was the only area the other handler couldn’t reach.

Installing the Heat Pump

After that, all we had to do was install the heat pump outside. This could have been a challenge for a traditional AC condenser — but not for ductless.

First off, our homeowners didn’t want to give up any space in their cozy backyard area. Nor would they want a loud condenser drowning out their conversations in the summertime.

No problem! First, the side-discharge heat pump is sleek enough for us to mount on the exterior wall on the side of the house. It fits with plenty of room between the two houses.

And, it barely makes a sound! This way, we could install it near the windows of both houses. As close as it is, neither our homeowners nor their neighbors will hear a thing.

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Connecting the Mini-Split System

Ductless Mini-Split Replaces Noisy Window ACs In West Chester, PA

Now that our homeowners had the air handlers where they’d treat the entire apartment, and the heat pump in an out-of-the-way spot, all we needed was to connect all the components.

The advantage of this system is that you only need to run a few lines between the different pieces. Since they’re flexible and don’t take up much space, it’s easy to place these without being intrusive.

In this case, we mounted the air handlers close to the exterior wall where the heat pump would go.

That way, it was very easy to run the lines either behind the unit — like in the bedroom — or a very short distance, like in the living room.

And, our homeowner chose a casing for the lines with a color that matched the walls. That makes it even less noticeable.

Outside, we grouped everything in line hides to keep everything safe, organized, and unobtrusive.

How it All Works

We already talked about the benefits of the system: The mini-split is virtually silent, cools the entire space more evenly, and makes almost no impact on the electric bill.

So, we’ll wrap up just by talking about how easy it is for the homeowners to use it.

First, each air handler has a remote control and thermostat. Our homeowners can set each one to the same temperature. Or, make the bedroom slightly warmer or cooler, depending on what they want.

From there, each component works separately to provide the exact comfort they need. They draw the warm air from the room, dehumidify it, and send the heat to the outdoor component.

This process leaves the homeowners with cool, dry air — with less noise, more comfort, and a smaller electric bill.

And it can do the same in your home! Call or email Battavio Heating & Cooling for your free consultation today.

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