Air Conditioning for Stone Farmhouse: Bryant Ductless Mini Split

Joe Battavio
Air Conditioning for Stone Farmhouse: Bryant Ductless Mini Split

Air Conditioning for Stone Farmhouse: Bryant Ductless Mini Split in West Chester, PA

A homeowner had a large, beautiful farmhouse in West Chester PA — and a big problem: He wanted to sell it, but had no takers since the house didn’t have central air.

As a result, it sat on the market for a year. Then, our homeowner heard about Bryant ductless mini-split systems.

In this case study, we’ll look at the challenges of adding central air to a beautiful, 8,000-square-foot farmhouse with no ductwork.

Then, we’ll see how the new Bryant system overcame them — and makes the home even more attractive than ever to potential buyers.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to upgrade the cooling in your home without changing the look and feel of a historic house, call or email us here at Battavio Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling.

Starting with a free consultation, we’ll design a system that’s perfect for you.

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Bryant Ductless Mini-Split Installation West Chester PAProblem: An 8,000-square-foot farmhouse for sale in West Chester had no AC and no ductwork for central air. Three prospective buyers passed because it didn’t have central cooling, and it was on the market for a year.

Solution: We designed and installed a Bryant ductless mini-split system with eight indoor units. It cools the entire home without changing the look and feel of it. And, it provides supplemental heat.

Heating and Cooling Challenges in an Old Farmhouse

Here’s the challenge with adding heating and cooling to an old farmhouse like this: They weren’t made with modern HVAC in mind.

This home was built well before air conditioning — let alone central air for residential homes — was invented.

In fact, it wasn’t even designed with ductwork in mind. That wasn’t around yet, either.

As a result, homes like these tend to trap heat. Back then, staying warm was a big concern in the winter. And, the climate was cooler overall.

Now, however, we expect to stay warm all winter. And, we use air conditioners to keep cool during hotter and hotter summers.

Sure, adding ductwork to treat the home better is an option. But it’s an expensive one — add a few thousand dollars to the job when you need someone to design the new system, build out the ductwork and install it.

Then, you’d have big soffits built all around the ceilings, drastically changing the look and feel of the house.

Bryant Ductless Air Conditioning In a West Chester, PA Farmhouse

The lack of air conditioning was a big part of the reason our homeowner couldn’t sell this house. Two potential buyers passed it up for that reason. That’s what led the homeowner to a Bryant ductless system for this West Chester, PA farmhouse.

This system is very different from traditional central air. Instead of an outdoor condenser and ductwork, there’s a heat pump outside providing the cooling. Inside, we mounted eight air handlers across the house.

This job was a little bigger than some others. We used two heat pumps and ran short ducts in out-of-the-way spots such as a closet and the basement ceiling.

When it came to living spaces, we just ran a few lines the rest of the way. It was easy to run them through the walls, so all you see in each room are the air handlers.

Then, we used a line hide outside to make everything look nice and neat.

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Benefits of Bryant Ductless in a Farmhouse

The benefits of a Bryant ductless system in a home like this West Chester, PA farmhouse include:

  • Custom Climate Control In Each Room
  • Quiet, Comfortable Air Conditioning
  • Energy-efficient cooling
  • Comfortable, Cost-Saving Supplemental Heating

Let’s take a tour of all four.

Custom Climate Control In Each Room

The big advantage here was finally getting cooling throughout the house. With an old house such as this, there was no ductwork for us just to attach an AC condenser.

Instead, we designed a system where eight air handlers throughout the home take care of the climate control in different parts — or zones — of the house.

Now, not only is the entire home covered. But, the new homeowner can control each area of the house separately.

When you think about houses where the bedrooms are too hot in the summer, even with the AC on, this is a huge deal!

That temperature difference occurs because the one thermostat in the house is located downstairs. Meanwhile, heat is rising, making those upstairs rooms hotter.

Now, with a thermostat on each air handler, every area of the house gets the treatment it needs. Each unit provides as much or as little air conditioning as that specific zone needs.

Quiet, Comfortable Air Conditioning

Now, let’s talk about how great that air conditioner feels — and how you only feel, rather than hear it!

First of all, the air handlers have state-of-the-art sensors and fans.

This way, they zero in on hot or cold spots in one or parts in a room. Then, the fans direct the treated air to those spots.

With an expansive home with lots of open space like this one, those fans and sensors make all the difference.

And, they do it without making a peep.

That’s right — there’s no sudden blast of sound when the air’s on. Instead, these units make about as much noise as someone whispering in a library.

You won’t hear a thing unless the room is silent, and you’re standing right under an air handler.

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Energy-Efficient Cooling

Another big benefit is energy efficiency. In other words, these systems provide the same cooling — often better — than traditional AC condensers and ductwork.

But, they use far, far less energy. As a result, they make a much, much smaller impact on your electric bills in the summer.

There are a few reasons why this happens. But, we’ll zero in on one that uses a familiar concept: Cruise control.

You know how your car uses less gas when it’s coasting on the highway than stopping and starting in the city?

The same goes for your AC. Instead of cycling on and off, these systems spend most of their time in a low-power mode.

They maintain the temperature rather than working extra to correct it when it starts getting too warm.

This process uses much less electricity than traditional models. That’s good for your wallet— and good for the environment, too.

Comfortable, Cost-Saving Supplemental Heat

The benefits of this farmhouse’s new system don’t’ stop coming when summer’s over! The heat pump can also provide heat for the shoulder seasons: Early fall and late winter, when it’s still — or just getting — chilly.

This home has oil heat for the coldest months. But, now, the mini-split can handle those chilly days when you need a little extra warmth.

This way, the new homeowners won’t have to fire up the oil heat when they’re just a little cold. Instead, they get comfortable, energy-efficient heating until it’s really time to switch over to oil.

Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling in West Chester, PA

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