what’s covered by a Battavio Agreement?


This Maintenance Plan Service Agreement (“agreement”) is entered into by and between the customer executing this agreement below whom is either the owner of the real property or whom is authorized as an agent of the owner where the HVAC equipment is located (hereinafter “you” or “your”) and Battavio Plumbing, Heating and Cooling (hereinafter “Battavio” or “we” or “us”). Where you and us are referred to jointly then “our” or the “parties.

Battavio is a licensed contractor in the State of Pennsylvania, Lic. #000545, and maintains liability insurance. This agreement is effective the date this agreement is signed by you (“Effective Date”) This agreement covers each HVAC unit (“unit”) entered as listed on the Battavio invoice including any additional units that you want included and for which you pay us an additional fee.

1. Maintenance Plan Description. This agreement covers each unit covered by the Plan Services. We will provide scheduled service of your unit(s) two (2) times per year (once every six months) for three years during the term of this agreement. We agree to provide the following equipment and services to you, as necessary and as required to maintain your covered unit(s), during the term of this agreement (“Plan Services”):

a. Operational Analysis.We will test and inspect the existing operation and performance characteristics of customer owned HVAC equipment. Inspections will include non-destructive testing, vibration and noise monitoring, chemical analysis, and routine visual inspections. These services are performed to ensure that the system(s) are in proper operating condition and to identity any potential system issues or failures. The following services are provided as part of the operational analysis:

Visually inspect the following:
1. Fan assemblies
2. Belts and sheaves
3. Motor mounts & vibration pad
4. Electrical connections & contactors
5. Heating and cooling coils
6. Filter media and racks
7. Sight glass condition
8. Bearings
9. Spray nozzles & pans
10. Ignitor & flame assembly
11. Heat exchangers
12. Compressor sections
13. Condensing sections
14. Heating sections
15. Humidifiers & strainers
16. Seals & packaging
17. Condensate drains & pans
18. Flame composition
19. Flue stack assembly


Physically check and/or test the following:



b. Preventive Maintenance.Preventive maintenance will be performed by us to detect early signs of deteriorating performance and to identify any potential mechanical failures. These services diagnose and solve equipment problems before they occur. Preventive maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis and is scheduled with little or no equipment downtime with its primary objective aimed at system durability, reliability, efficiency, and safety. These inspections will extend the life of your HVAC system. The following services will be provided to you for your Unit and as required:

38. Temperature controls
39. Operating & safety controls
40. Humidity & pressure controls
41. Transmitter & receiver gauges
42. Economizer controls



56. Belt sheaves
57. Pulleys
58. Coil fins
59. Belt drives

60. Damper linkages
61. Fan bearings
62. Axial vane drives
63. Pumps
64. Motors

Secure and tighten:



c.Troubleshoot and Repair – 100% coverage.We will troubleshoot and repair your existing Unit. The following list covers the full labor and repair services covered by this package and which we will provide as necessary for the repair of up to 5ton HVAC equipment which is ten (10) years old or less (date is measured from manufacturers date of manufacture):


d.Troubleshoot and Repair – Per Repair Coverage For Units Older Than 10 years.
We will troubleshoot and repair units older than 10 years (date is measured from manufacturers date of manufacture), but these repairs are not fully covered by your monthly Plan Services fee. Battavio will always provide the labor as part of the covered services but Customer will be responsible for the cost of all parts and materials. Battavio cannot guarantee that parts will be available for your Unit(s). The following list identifies items that are only partially covered by the Plan Services:

Partial coverage under HVAC fixed cost services:
117. Low R-22 Refrigerant charge
118. Low 410A Refrigerant charge
119. Low R-22 Refrigerant
120. Low 410A Refrigerant charge caused by leak
121. R-22 refrigerant restriction in copper line
122. 410A refrigerant restriction in copper line
123. Compressor replacement
124. Condensing fan motor replacement
125. Blower motor replacement
126. Thermostat replacement
127. Control Board replacement
128. Coil drain pan replacement
129. Induce draft motor replacement
130. Gas valve replacement