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AC Repair in Chester County, PA

AC repair chester springs paNeed AC repair? Look no further than Battavio. Homeowners trust our premier air conditioning repair service to get them back up and running all throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Based in West Chester, PA, we frequently assist clients with AC issues everywhere from Chester Springs to Hatfield. We regularly serve customers in the following counties:

  • Chester County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA

Your air conditioners work hard. We work harder. Sweltering summer weather can put a strain on your AC, causing it to break down at the worst possible time. But don’t sweat: just call our responsive air conditioning repair service. Once you contact us, we will immediately dispatch our expert technicians and help you beat the heat.

Air conditioners fail for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the culprit might be minor: Perhaps a wire that supplies power is loose, or maybe an air filter is clogged. If the culprit involves the AC’s compressor, however, the issue might be much more serious, requiring immediate and expert AC repair.

What is your compressor?

The compressor is the heart of any air conditioning unit. Much like a heart, it is integral to the functioning of the machine. When the system undergoes stress or strain, the compressor may suffer and break down. Such issues can sometimes be difficult to identify and fix.

What causes compressor failure?

Suction line blockage

If your unit does not seem to be cooling as efficiently, refrigerant lines might be damaged or blocked. This can result in an increase in temperature and pressure, causing the system to overheat.

Wrong suction line size

Sometimes, an inexperienced technician may inadvertently install or replace incorrect suction lines, resulting in leaks and, ultimately, failure.

Insufficient or excessive refrigerant

If the unit’s refrigerant lines can sometimes acquire cracks or holes that cause it to leak. This results in the compressor straining to maintain pressure, eventually resulting in failure. Similarly, too much refrigerant causes an increase in pressure, overloading the compressor.

Wrong kind of refrigerant

This is another mistake we sometimes see caused by inexperienced technicians. Filling a unit with the incorrect kind of refrigerant can often have deadly results for the machine. Remember: There’s never a reason to settle for a lesser air conditioning repair service.

Not enough lubricant

If the system is not semi-regularly maintained by a professional, the lubricant levels may fall, resulting in issues with the unit. Oil is necessary to many of the system’s functions, and a trained professional will be able to check to make sure that the oil pump is in good condition and that the lubricant levels are correct.

Foreign debris

Though it may seem obvious, never underestimate the power of nature to mess with your utilities. Everything from moisture, leaves, dirt, soot to animal waste can get caught up in AC units. Trust us – we have seen everything.

Grimy coils

If a system’s condenser coils collect too much grime and dust, the unit will not be able to release heat efficiently enough to cool your building. This will eventually cause the machine to overheat.

Electrical issues

Lastly, electrical problems like surges or faulty wiring can wreak havoc on an AC unit. Electrical failures might cause the system to build up an excess of acids, causing sometimes irreversible damage to the machine.

Unfortunately, a broken AC unit cannot always be resuscitated. Replacement may be the only solution. In such cases, besides AC repair, we also offer expert replacement and installation services. Battavio is also the best source for AC replacement in Chester Springs, PA, and elsewhere in Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County.

With AC repair, you never want to skimp on quality. As noted above, inexperienced technicians can just compound the issues your unit may be experiencing and leave your blood boiling. Contact us today and leave matters in the hands of Battavio’s expert professionals.