Cost of a Bryant Ductless Mini Split System in West Chester, PA

Joe Battavio
Cost Of A Ductless Mini Split System In West Chester PA

How Much Does a Bryant Ductless Mini Split Cost Near West Chester, PA?

Here inn West Chester, PA, a fully-installed, ready to turn on Bryant ductless mini-split installation starts at about $4,500 and goes up from there depending on the configuration and scope of your specific system.

The price depends on:

  1. How Many Rooms You’re Treating
  2. The Layout of Your Home
  3. If You Want Both Heating and Cooling

Ductless heating and cooling is an energy-efficient way to make your home more comfortable than ever before.

You can control the temperature in virtually every room of your home separately. And, the system eliminates hot and cold spots throughout your home. Finally, it will cost you much less on your utility bills.

Bryant Ductless Mini Split Installation West Chester PA

So, if you’re interested in upgrading the heating and cooling in your West Chester home, you’ve come to the right place. Sildigra

In this article, we’ll break down the cost of these systems. That includes why the price range is so broad and how those factors make a difference. Then, we’ll look at ways to save money on your new setup.

And, you can check out homes in the West Chester area where we here at Battavio have installed systems just like this.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

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Buyer Beware, That Online Price is Higher Than Meets the Eye

Before we go any further, it’s important to address why the numbers we’re quoting seem so much more than what you’ll find online.

The big difference is the installation versus just the price of the unit.

Yes, you can order a system online and put it in yourself. No, it’s not a good idea.

Even though the installation is straightforward, a lot can go wrong. And, that starts with the model you buy.

As we look more at the factors that go into the system you need, you’ll understand why you need an expert load calculation to determine the size and strength your home needs.

Too small, and you’ll burn it out too quickly. Too big and it won’t work correctly.

Bryant Ductless Mini Split Installation West Chester PA

Then, there are the risks that come with doing unlicensed electrical work. And, possible damage to your home as you connect the inside and outside components.

Finally, there’s the warranty.

If you read the fine print, you’ll see that manufacturers will only honor the warranty if you have a licensed HVAC technician who is certified to work on that brand install the system.

If you do it yourself and there’s a problem with your mini split, the manufacturer won’t help you at all. You need to have it registered through your contractor first.

Now that we’ve established this let’s look closer at those three factors. Then, we’ll look at ways to bring that cost down.

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How Many Rooms Are You Treating?

one of the primary benefits of a Bryant ductless mini-split system is that you can heat or cool just one room in your home, every area of the house, or somewhere in between. What you choose to do here has the biggest effect on the cost.

If you’re looking to handle one problem room, for instance, then you can expect to stay close to that lower $4,500 price tag.

After that, however, the price will increase with every air handler you add. Most homes cap out at $1,500 for both cooling and heating (more on that in a moment).

The Layout of Your Home

Next, factor in the installation work. If we can mount each air handler on an exterior wall, it’s easy to link them to the heat pump outside. Nizagara

When we’re using interior walls, we have to get creative running the lines, so they stay out of sight.

Fortunately, this is often possible — closets and crawl spaces make for great spaces for routing refrigerant lines, but it will increase the cost.

The layout can also affect the number of air handlers you need. One indoor unit, for instance, can handle an entire open-space floor of your home.

Bryant Ductless Mini Split Installation West Chester PA

But, many times, we need more units upstairs if people tend to close their doors at night. At that point, you’d need a separate air handler in each room. Or, perhaps a short-duct run from one larger unit to address multiple rooms.

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Heating and Cooling With a Ductless Mini Split

The next factor is if you want to both heat and cool your home with a ductless mini-split.

Base models offer air conditioning with a little bit of heat. But, you can upgrade to a system that replaces a furnace and handles your home’s comfort year-round.

The same heat transfer process that moves warm air from inside your house to outside also works in reverse during colder months.

So, those models are great for early fall and late spring. That’s when it’s just starting to get chilly, or just warming up. You don’t want to fire up the furnace, but you don’t want your house to be too cold, either.

In that case, you can save money by running the more efficient heat pump during those times.

Cost Savings and Energy Rebates

The last part of calculating the cost is how much money you’ll save upfront and over time with a ductless mini-split.

First, there are decent rebates available through PECO for high-efficiency systems like this. They offer incentives for homeowners to invest in energy-efficient appliances, and these fit the bill.

As we’re designing your system, we’ll always try to select qualifying models to make sure you get anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars back.

Next are the significant cost-savings that you’ll see every month.

These systems will dramatically reduce the amount of electricity you use to cool your home. The bulk of the performance comes from a naturally-occurring heat transfer process. The heat pump and the air handlers need a little bit of power to get it going.

Ultimately, we can’t tell you how much you’ll have to pay for the system in your home. As you can see, there are a lot of specific factors that go into that amount. But, with a free consultation, we here at Battavio can help you choose the system and price that’s right for you.

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