5 Signs You Need Your Water Heater Serviced

Joe Battavio
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As a leading provider in heating, cooling, and plumbing services near Exton, PA, Battavio understands how frustrating it is when one of your most essential appliances breaks down or malfunctions. You might not even know anything was wrong with your water heater until you got nothing but cold water out of your sinks and showers. While there are apparent times you know something isn’t working right, there are other warning signs that it’s time to call a professional.

1. Your Water Heater Is Old

It’s no secret that household appliances don’t last forever. We recommend you replace your water heater every ten years or so. Whether or not the system has shown symptoms of something wrong, it should be replaced (or at least adequately serviced) a decade after the manufacture date.

2. Low Hot Water Pressure

Maybe you’re getting some hot water when you go take a shower, but you notice it doesn’t have adequate pressure. A build-up of mineral deposits can block pipes, reducing the water pressure coming out of your water heater. There are a few other reasons that can also cause low hot water pressure, including kinked distribution lines or shoddy design.

3. Leakage

Don’t wait until you have no more hot water to visually inspect if there is water on the floor around your water heater. Leaking can be a result of metal expansion in the tank due to thousands of heating cycles or something wrong with the fittings. Implement a quick scan for leaks into your maintenance routine.

4. Water That Looks, Smells, or Tastes “Off”

If both your hot and cold water looks rusty, that usually means corrosion is somewhere in your pipes. If only your hot water is rusty, the problem is most likely inside your water heater. You may also see cloudy water come out of the faucet, or water that smells “off.” These issues could be due to a build-up of mineral deposits. Call a plumbing professional to arrest the corrosion before it damages your hot water tank or causes it to fail.

5. Unusual Noises

Some noise from a large appliance is expected, but unusual sounds like popping, banging or cracking signal that it’s time to call a professional. Mineral deposits may have built up, which would cause the appliance to overheat as it works to keep the water hot.

Who Do I Call for Water Heater Repair?

Our seasoned team of technicians has the expertise and equipment to come service your water heater as affordable and promptly as possible. For more information about our HVAC specialists and plumbers near Malvern, PA, contact Battavio today!